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You are permitted to access and use this Site and its Content for the purpose for placing orders for printed products or printing services for your company through FaxParcelPrint. Receiving products of services from FaxParcelPrint does not allow you to use or distribute any part of the Content apart from the finished products provided to you by FaxParcelPrint. You agree to use this Site responsibly and comply with these Terms of Use and with your local laws and regulations, including but not limited to export and import regulations. You agree that this Site will not be used to produce anything that is unlawful, offensive, derogatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, malicious, or objectionable. Without limitation, no part of the Content may be used as a trademark or service mark, for any unlawful purposes, for pornographic utilization, for defamation of any person or entity, to breach any person’s right of privacy or publicity, to violate upon any copyright, trademark, trade name, service mark, or any other intellectual property right of any person or entity. FaxParcelPrint has the right to terminate its service to customers that utilize FaxParcelPrint or its products to partake in disagreeable activities. You alone are responsible for your use of the Content along with any other graphics, images, text, or other materials you place into your products. You agree not to use any design, image, text, trademark, or any copyrighted work of any third party in your Products unless you have the license or other appropriate authorizations from the copyright’s owners. By placing an order on this Site, you guarantee that you have all the necessary permission, right, and authorization to place the order and you grant FaxParcelPrint the authority to produce the products on your behalf. You provide FaxParcelPrint the right to edit, copy, produce derivative works and vectorize any of your uploaded content for the intention of fulfilling your order. Furthermore, you guarantee that you have the necessary and sufficient authorization and rights to allow FaxParcelPrint to edit, copy, produce derivative works and vectorize any of your uploaded content for the intention of fulfilling your order.
You agree that you are responsible for all orders placed or other activities done through your registered account. You agree that you are responsible for the safekeeping of your password and control access to your registered account.
As the customer, you agree that the shipping terms for all printed products are FOB shipping point. This means that the ownership of products transfers to the customer upon shipment. The implication of this ownership is that the title and risk of loss for the products become yours upon our delivery to the carrier. For products that are to be given to you, the customer, in an electronic format, you agree that the delivery of such product is considered to have happened either (a) at the time we send the product via email or any other electronic communication used to provide the Product to the customer or (b) at the time we notify the customer that the product can be downloaded from the Site.